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it has been a difficult week up here in the green mountain state, where we have experienced catastrophic flooding in many of our communities. we are grateful our shoppe and home have been spared, but that is not true for so many of our neighbors, fellow business owners, and community at large. we love our Vermont, and the heartbreak has taken its toll. it is hard to wrap our minds around the scope and scale of what these flood waters have damaged and destroyed. the @vtcommfoundation is leading a coordinated effort through the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund to facilitate donations and volunteers to help support the recovery and rebuilding process of our brave communities. we initially chose Vermont as a place to live and do business because of its beauty and nature's playground, and we chose to stay here because of the resiliency & kindness of the people, the hardworking small businesses, and the vibrant communities. our ability to continue to serve all of you as best as we can is largely due in part to our beautiful #northfieldvt community {HUGE shout-out to our local Northfield USPS! You guys are incredible!}. if you are able, please consider making a donation to help support getting our community back on track. 

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