Beavis Funko Vinyl Figure Spastic Pops

Beavis Funko Vinyl Figure

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Beavis Funko Vinyl Figure

Type: Vinyl Art Toys Brand: Funko Production Status: Standard Related Subjects: Beavis , Beavis And Butt-Head , MTV

Please note: Our selection of vinyl figures is over TEN years old. Condition should be assumed as such. These pieces are from the VERY early years of Funko's history when quality control on production was still learning. As such, figures may have paint blemishes and boxes may have general wear due simply to age. In rare occasions, boxes may or may not contain stickers from when they were originally sold. Should we notice any major condition issues when fulfilling your order, we will contact you directly to let you know. We will provide pictures upon request for all vinyl figures valued $50+. We hope you enjoy your piece of FUNKO HISTORY!


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