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Eastern Lubber Grasshopper Nymph Pin

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This stunning Eastern Lubber (Romalea microptera) is one of North America’s largest grasshoppers; adults reach sizes of 1.7 - 2.7 inches (45 - 70 mm).

Eastern lubber nymphs (young) are mostly black with yellow and red markings. They tend to congregate together; during the day, nymphs forage in groups, and climb upwards towards the top of plants at night to rest.

As they age and molt, their colors change. Mature adults display an extraordinary variety of shades and patterns, with colors as bright as autumn foliage or almost solid black.

The name “lubber” comes from an old English word meaning “clumsy”. Indeed, this heavy, flightless grasshopper can barely hop. Instead, it has evolved incredible defenses: if threatened, it spreads its wings, hisses, and sprays toxins. Lubbers are so unpleasant and unpalatable that they have few predators, and spend most of their days simply eating as much as possible.

This little 1" nymph pin is life-sized and ultra-wearable. Soft enamel, double posted. 

Originally from the September 2022 Bug Box.

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