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  • 2-PACK PREMIUM FIGURINES: Collectible incredibly detailed figures of both Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker as the characters appear in the Superhero v Villain match-up in the comic book series Dark Nights: Metal. Figures include a light projection backpack, light projection boxing glove and light projection bats. Pack also includes rockets, tentacles and chains.
  • STAND ALONE: Figures stand alone with included bases and measure 7 inches tall from base to top of head.
  • 22 MOVING PARTS: Action figures are ultra articulated with up to 22 moving parts allowing for full range of posing and play.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Action figures include two collectible art cards with figure photography on the front and a character biography on the back.
  • BRAND NEW, IN PACKAGING: DC Collector figures are brand new and in original, unopened display front packaging. Delivered to your door from our family-run warehouse in Rochester, NY.
  • SAFETY AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Recommended for ages 12+ due to small parts and possible choking hazard. Wipe clean only.
  • BACKGROUND: Hal Jordan’s life was changed twice by crashing aircraft. The first time was when he witnessed the death of his father, pilot Martin Jordan. The second was when, as an adult and trained pilot himself, he was summoned to the crashed wreckage of a spaceship belonging to Abin Sur. Abin explained that he was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an organization of beings from across the cosmos, armed with power rings fueled by the green energy of all the willpower in the universe. Upon his death, Abin entrusted his ring and duties as the Green Lantern of Earth’s space sector to Hal Jordan. In DC’s Dark Multiverse, on Earth -32, the green light of will has twisted an angry Bruce Wayne into something very dark and sinister. After the murder of his parents in Crime Alley, young Bruce is gifted with a Green Lantern ring, which allows him to fly and to generate deadly hard-light energy constructs. With no Alfred Pennyworth to guide him, he soon swallows his fear and pain and lets the void that remains corrupt him and the ring, unleashing a wave of darkness across his world, and now ours, as The Dawnbreaker.

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