IN STOCK MARTIAN TOYS Kaze Studio x Martian Toys ORCA & Friends!


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IN STOCK MARTIAN TOYS Kaze Studio x Martian Toys ORCA & Friends  


Make waves! Orca has hit the beach with his adorable crew of sea faring cuties and the party has begun!
Orca may wear a tough anchor chain and big teeth, but is just a big softie with a heart of gold. His pals Cpt. Seal, Deckhand Urchin, and Pirate Octopus will follow him anywhere knowing together they can brave the wide open sea. As the perfect team, each has their individual talents that are great for particular situations. Whoever would be best suited to lead the way will hop on top of Orca's head and take charge. Together Orca & Friends can Go Anywhere, take on Anything and have a blast doing it! 

Orca & Friends are the perfect vinyl crew!  4.25" tall Orca wears a real chain Anchor necklace and has magnetic powers!  On the top of his head, each little 2” friend can be swapped out freely! You can layout your group however you please.  This amazing set starts their journey in this classic color way but there are more species on the way to the shore and all will be interchangeable with other friends and orcas.  Who knows what the ocean will bring to the beach!?

Thai Artist Kaze is known for making infectiously adorable pieces usually in resin.  We are excited to get to debut a fresh vinyl piece with special powers for Kaze and can’t wait to share them all with you humans!
  • Vinyl toy
  • Orca is 4.25”
  • Friends range around 2”
  • Magnet on top of Orca attaches each Friend
  • Real metal chain necklace w/ Anchor 
  • $50 
  • Cute as heck!


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