Maple Sugar Chipotle Rub

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A 5 oz Jar of Maple Sugar Chipotle Rub made from a spice blend of paprika, garlic, black pepper, chipotle and Pure Maple Sugar, nothing else.  Perfect for grilled pork, chicken, or shrimp or sprinkle on scrambled eggs or corn on the cob. 

Our Maple Spices, Seasonings, and Rubs are perfect for adding the great taste of maple to all of your culinary creations. Made only with our own 100% pure maple sugar and the finest spices.  Our maple sugar is made only from Organic certified pure Vermont maple syrup, nothing else.  You boil the maple syrup until virtually all of the liquid is evaporated, then you quickly stir to crystalize.  It's a great way to add the flavor of maple without the liquid. Maple Sugar is a Healthy, Low Glycemic Index Sweetener.   

All jars come with a tamper proof shaker top with a freshness seal, one side for sprinkling, one side for spooning out ingredients.

Order individually or we also offer a gift box with three of our seasonings plus a 5 oz jar of our pure maple sugar which can be used in your coffee, tea, or as a healthy alternative anywhere you use cane sugar.

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