Maple Sugar Cocoa Mix

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A 12 oz Jar of our Cocoa Mix available in two Flavors:  Maple Sugar Cocoa Mix and Maple Sugar Peppermint Cocoa Mix.  Both flavors are made with our own 100% pure, all natural maple sugar, no refined sugar or other sweeteners.  Add 1.5 tablespoons to a cup of hot milk, stir, and enjoy!   You can add to hot coffee to make a great cup of mocha coffee.  Also great for cold chocolate milk, milk shakes, and as an ice-cream topping. 

Our maple sugar is made only from Organic certified pure Vermont maple syrup, nothing else.  You boil the maple syrup until virtually all of the liquid is evaporated, then you quickly stir to crystalize. Maple Sugar is a Healthy, Low Glycemic Index Sweetener.   The production of natural maple syrup is much friendlier to the environment than cane sugar production.  

Our jars come with a tamper proof shaker top with a freshness seal, one side for sprinkling, one side for spooning out ingredients. 

We also offer a Gift Box of our maple sugar cocoa mix paired with mini marshmallows from the Vermont Marshmallow Company.

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