UVD TOYS: Jeremy Mad'L x UVD Toys MAD*L Citizens - OG Green

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UVD TOYS: Jeremy Mad'L  x UVD Toys MAD*L Citizens - OG Green

MAD*L Citizens - OG Green 
Size - 4"
Artist: Jeremy Mad'L 
Producer: UVD Toys
Articulation: Ball Joint at Neck 

It's the return of the MAD*L only this time there is a new twist! The classic platform has been reimagined into a series of MAD*L Citizens with each character having its own style and attitude. The series features designs created by designer toy legend @madtoydesign and were produced by UVD Toys.

Launching with the OG Green edition the figure stands at 4" tall and features a ball jointed neck to allow for some amazing poses! The figure is dressed in a green jacket, black hat, MADNESS T, and his fresh pressed khakis to complete his fit. 

Created in 2002 and first released in 2004, the MAD*L was one of the first US vinyl platform figures released in the collector market. The MAD*L Citizens continue to add to the legacy of this iconic design! UVD Toys is happy to be a part of this project!

#Toys #Art #UVD #UVDToys #DesignerToys #Mad #MADL #MadLCitizens #MadToyDesign Sculpted By @pixelbudah

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