"Varsity Brothers" Sank Toys Backpack Boy by Igor Ventura


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"Varsity Brothers" Sank Toys Backpack Boy by Igor Ventura


Meet the varsity brothers! They live in Deepland, a far-away underwater world. Funny thing is that life there is almost exactly like up here... except everyone must wear diving helmets all the time!

Since that is considered part of everyday life, they are included in the wardrobe of the inhabitants of Deepland and are used as fashion statements, especially by the youth!

The varsity brothers love to race when they're not in school, and each have their own personalities:

- Johnny is part of the Hellfire club, a group of rebellious water bikers! Yeah, kind of ironic an underwater group with "fire" in its name!

- Dean and his buddies at the Checkered Club practice everyday after school, and compete at the watercycle tournaments on weekends. He is cool and calm, but is a beast on the race tracks!

- Robert is the daredevil brother! He is not part of any group, and his favorite activity is ramp-to-ramp watercycle jumps.


Igor Ventura has enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age, but it was a Christmas gift from his wife in 2007 that introduced him to designer toys. Always interested in finding new avenues to flex his creative, artistic muscles, Ventura quickly adopted Kidrobot's Dunny form as a canvas, hand-painting unique and extremely limited versions of his concepts. In 2010, Ventura gained international attention by being awarded 3rd place for the Grand Prize in that year's Munny Munth contest as well as being a finalist in the CE Planet Toy Global Contest I. As his reputation continued to grow, Ventura was invited to create factory-made designs for companies like Aarting, Kidrobot, Dyzplastic and Artoyz, though he never stopped pursuing his passion of hand-crafting comically smart designer toy customs.


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