LE33 This is Wafull: "Orange Creamsicle" by Leftover Toys


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LE33 This is Wafull: "Orange Creamsicle" by Leftover Toys

Good 'Ol Orange Creamsicle. No two figures are the same as a result of how these beauties are made!

This is Wafull, a triple scoop of existential flavor. Slowly dripping away, this abandoned cone has yet to fully realize it's fate as a puddle of sidewalk sugar. Will you scoop up this adorable trio, or let them melt away?

*This item is not edible or intended for human consumption.

Size: 3.5”

Material: Resin

Year: 2020

Independently owned and operated by Johnny Dean, Leftover Toys is the home of Ributt, This is Wafull, and more! From vinyl toys to resin figures, Leftover Toys is dedicated to creating unique designer toys that are both unusual and fun.

Never Edible. ALWAYS Collectible.


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