Star Wars The Black Series - Astromech Droids - 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Pack

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Discover the ultimate collection of Astromech Droids from Star Wars The Black Series! This exclusive 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Pack from Entertainment Earth includes six iconic characters, each with unique personalities and stories to tell. Get ready to add these lovable and loyal droids to your Star Wars collection and embark on endless galactic adventures!

  1. Meet the Astromech Droids: These miniature action figures pack a big punch in a small size! From Jabba's Bartender to R2-A5, each of the six included droids has its own distinct appearance, color scheme, and backstory. These characters are the unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe, serving as the backbone of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

  2. Authentic Star Wars Design: Fans of the Star Wars franchise will appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship put into each of these Astromech Droid figures. From the weathered and battle-scarred appearance of R7-D4 to the vibrant blue and silver accents of R2-C2, every figure is designed to capture the essence of the iconic movie franchise.

  3. Endless Play Possibilities: The Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Pack is perfect for collectors and young fans alike. These figures are made for display, but they also feature multiple points of articulation, making them perfect for imaginative play and recreating your favorite scenes from the movies.

  • Includes 6 figures:
    1. Jabba's Bartender
    2. R7-F5
    3. QT-KT
    4. R7-D4
    5. R2-C2
    6. R2-A5
  • Made in China
  • Ages 3+

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