The Worst Ultimates Batula 7-Inch Action Figure

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From Super7. Super7 has unleashed the first ever The Worst ULTIMATES! Figures upon the world! Batula, the Bat Prince of Darkness, and Captain Dreadstar, the Cosmic Ghoul Renegade, join the ULTIMATES! World with this made-to-order 7" scale fully articulated ULTIMATES! Figure. The Worst is Super7's own gang of the most villainous vile vermin, and they are among... The Worst! Batula steps out his lair with multiple interchangeable hands and a variety of accessories, including a soft goods cape, that will charm and enchant you into his dark world. Captain Deadstar returns to terra firma with a treasure trove of intergalactic accessories, including a soft goods cape, for you to reenact his worst acts of planetary plundering.

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