Unbox & Friends 3 Blind Box Series by & Unbox Industries

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Unbox & Friends 3 Blind Box Series by & Unbox Industries

Unbox & Friends returns for 2021 with a new killer line up that includes interpretations of classic characters by (..deep breath..) Mueanfun Sapanake, Chino Lam, Aliens Park, Gary Card, Too Natthapong, Quiccs, Daniel Yu, Wisut Ponnimit & Vachira Petmaneenilsai.

Each sealed case comprises of one full basic set, chase variants and in some cases super rare specials so order one today and keep your fingers crossed!

A single blind box will contain a random figure from the series. 
Ordering a sealed case of 12 will guarantee a full set OR a full set and a secret chase!

Please note: We cannot accept requests for specific items. Item selection is random; this includes the rare and chase variants. You may receive duplicate figures. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed!

UPC: 5060730870651
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