VANSER TOYS (AUTOGRAPHED) Figure Out Our ABCs with Ramble


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VANSER TOYS (AUTOGRAPHED) Figure Out Our ABCs with Ramble

These are autographed versions of the book. Non-autographed versions can be purchased via Amazon by clicking here.

An ABC storybook geared toward adult artists and collectors!

Ramble teaches you the essential vocabulary from the world of designer toys and collector culture from A to Z! Accompanied with colorful stylish visuals, Figure Out Our ABCs is a delightful book that educates the readers on the 26 letters and associated words surrounding designer toys and the people who collect them.

Ramble is based on the Vegas Born Designer Toy by Vanser Toys. Based in Las Vegas, Vanser Toys is on a mission to provide high-quality collectible figures while promoting positivity within the designer toy culture.

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