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Vietnam War Veteran Bobblehead

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Representing Vietnam War Veterans, this meticulously hand-painted bobblehead is a work of art. Rather than using decals, these bobbleheads feature detailed hand carving and painting by AGP artists, signaling an earlier age of bobblehead crafting. Each bobblehead stands 7" tall.

Made in 2009 by the Bobble Dobbles arm of Alexander Global Promotions, or AGP, each bobblehead is individually numbered to 20,000. However, only 2,000 pieces of each were actually produced before manufacturing was pre-maturely halted. These bobbleheads were originally sold by the American Legion and West Coast VFW posts during 2009-2010. The unsold pieces were forgotten in a storage unit until AGP recently recovered them. Quantities are highly limited and rare. Here's a chance to own a piece of AGP history! 

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